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Alaya Glam

Twinkle Taffeta

Twinkle Taffeta

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Twinkle Taffeta nail strips are a dazzling combination of sophistication and sparkle. With a mesmerizing design featuring delicate sparkles and a transparent gel base, these nail strips will leave your fingertips looking effortlessly glamorous.  The transparent gel base enhances the natural beauty of your nails, allowing them to peek through while adding a touch of elegance.Key features:

  • Made of real nail gel
  • Easy application, cured under natural light
  • Enhanced volume of nail gel formula that provides 2X volume of natural nails, leading to salon quality finishing
  • Ultra glossy
  • Chipping and water-resistant
  • Durable: Stays on for up to 14 days

What's included:

22 Gel nail strips, 1 prep pad and 1 nail file

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