How to Apply and Remove Press-on Nails


Alaya Glam's Magic Jello (upgraded sticky tab) provides strong adhesion, which is non-damaging to nails and is easy to remove, an unbeatable substitution to glue. 

  1. Clean your nails with the alcohol pad and let them dry completely 
  2. Press the Magic Jello (nail stickers) with the right size firmly, closely to your cuticle, on your nails to make sure there are no bubbles left inside 
  3. Remove the cover of the Magic Jello
  4. Place the right size nail press, in a 45 degree onto your nails and press towards  your cuticle and press them down firmly for 10+ seconds to make sure there are no bubbles left inside
  5. Remove the excess Magic Jello gently with the wooden stick


HOW TO REMOVE (for press-on applied with adhesive tabs only)

For removal, insert the wooden stick along the edge of the nail press gently until they are fully lifted. Do not use force to remove them.

Tips to use

  • Avoid contacting water for 2 hours after application 
  • Do NOT use hand cream before using the nail press
  • Hot baths, hot springs and saunas can reduce the duration of wearing